URL Checker


ObServer helps you to check the availability for an unlimited list of URLs. It verifies the URLs frequently in the background and sends a notification as soon as a service is unavailable or the website returns some error.

  • Simply set up a new entry for each URL you want to observe.
  • Check all URLs with a single click and see instantly if some URLs are not available.
  • Choose how often you want to check the list of URLs in the background.
  • Any problem detected in background operation will be presented in the notification center – one click and you can jump right into ObServer to check the details.
  • Any error code is explained with the official error description.
  • The app will store all results and offers a great overview about the statistic for each URL.
  • Even thousands of checks over a long period can be analyzed easily with the interactive diagrams.


Free to use: You can setup an unlimited number of URLs and use the background check or manual check for free. All data is stored to create a full collection of statistical data. Errors will be shown as notifications. The initial demo-URLs also present the capabilities of the interactive diagrams and how easy thousands of history logs can be analyzed.

In-App purchase: The In-App purchase offers the interactive diagrams for all URLs and we appreciate your contribution which supports our ongoing work on this app.