PDF Lecture

Present, Zoom, Draw, Share

What’s a Lecture?

We interpret the word “Lecture” as a living and dynamically changing event. It’s the conversation and interaction between moderator and audience. PDF Lecture is designed to handle this kind of dynamic presentation like no other app.

Tools like PowerPoint and Keynote are great to create and perform a predefined and static presentation. Beside this, they barely allow deviations from a predefined path and do not offer a way to log such changes. PDF Lecture fit‘s exactly these needs.

Your presentation is based on interaction with your audience, it’s evolving and changing on the fly and finally you want to share the outcome with the participants? That’s what PDF Lecture is made for.

PDF Lecture Presenting
iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

How to use PDF Lecture?

  • Create your slides with your favourite app or even multiple apps
  • Export your content as PDF or use any kind of PDFs
  • Open and combine multiple PDFs
  • Use the Editing Tools to arrange your slides
  • Plug an external display and run your presentation
  • Make your best presentation using the Lecture Tools
  • Use your Pencil to draw, note and highlight during your presentation
  • Interact with the participants with ease
  • Share the final outcome with your audience

Editing Tools

PDF Lecture offers several tools to prepare your document.


You can use the Folder Symbol to open a PDF File

Save As
Changes will be saved automatically, additionally the Save Symbol allows to create and save a copy.
The Rotate Symbol will change the rotation of the selected page.
To append an additional PDF to the current document, you can press the Folder-Plus Symbol at the end of the pages list.

The Trash Symbol removes the selected page and catches it, so it can be restored, as long as the app is running.


To hide a page you don’t want to show in your lecture, you can press the Eye Symbol. This will skip the page as you scroll through the document.

You can use the Context Menu when you press and hold a single page. Very handy during a presentation.

PDF Lecture Editing Tools
PDF Lecture Scribble Pages

Lecture Tools

The strength of PDF Lecture is the ability to enhance the content of your presentation on the fly. It’s more like a conversation than just a presentation.


Drag the Laser Pointer in the top right corner of the screen and focus your audience on details of the page.


Pinch on your slide to zoom straight to any detail you want to focus for your audience.


Use the Apple Pencil to take notes or draw on the page. These Drawings are a part of the document now and you can edit them even afterwords.

Scribble Pages
You can add new pages on the fly to explain something in detail.
Use the Share Symbol to send the document directly with any messenger service.

Setup your Cover Screen

Your audience is joining and you want to finalize some last steps? Show a coverscreen until you press the Play Button to start your lecture.

You can setup your personalized Cover Screen in the settings. Choose between different background colours, enter a Name, a Catchphrase and add a Profile Image.

The Settings View will show you a preview how the Cover Screen may look on the external display.

This Feature is helpful to give your audience a first impression who you are. At the same time it’s not just a boring black screen they are looking at but rather a nice, visual touch and introduces you as the Moderator.


PDF Lecture Cover Screen

Tipps & Tricks

Some Tips & Tricks are already listed above and we are working on a lot more so that you can use PDF Lecture perfectly and integrate it into your workflow.