Knowledge, Data

Notitia represents a data- and knowledge centric approach to execute business processes. According a current knowledge state, activities are planed in a flexible manner.

 The foundation is build by a knowledge graph, representing conceptual expert knowledge combined with a semantic data represenation of relevant facts.

As a goal, Notita focusses the special requirements of knowledge intensive processes.


Requires your processes the knowledge and expertice of your employees? Is the outcome of a process different depending on which employee contributes?


Does your processes evolve through intermediate goals or milestones which must be achieved?


Are your processes influenced by events which affect decissions of the participating employees? 


Is the execution of activities depending on aspects, which can not be foreseen and vary between different process cases?


Are your processes depending on decissions, which are influenced by rules and laws? 

Notitia might offer the right solution to control your processes, if you confirm one or several of the mentioned requirements.

Move on to learn more about the principles of Notitia.


The established ways to organize and control a processes mainly focus the activities. Business processes are designed by a sequence of tasks and can be characterized as controlflow oriented. Variations in the execution order are usually part of the process design and deviations of the predefined path are not supported. 

Such static apporaches does not fit the needs of knowledge intensive processes, which we can find in the health care segment or in general when it comes to knowledge akquisition.

For this purpose we designed a new methodology with an ontology and data-driven process model. Notitia is not defining a process as a sequence of tasks, it defines more general the relations between data and activities. This allows to adapt the process execution dynamically according the available and process relevant knowledge. 

A data-oriented metamodel defines the core of a system which offers a flexible process execution.

The combination of this generalized knowledge with relevant facts and data results in a powerful semantic data-represenation of a business process. 

In short: Notitia is not working like an ordinary workflow solution which executes a sequence of activities. Instead it considers the full set of available knowledge to choose dynamically the most relevant next action.

Notitia itself represent a plattform, which can be adapted and specialized to any domain and any scope of application. For this purpose, the knowledge graph can be expanded by expert knowledge to support the involved employees by an artificial intelligence.


Notitia.Liberandum is designed for emergency control center to support the knowledge acquisistion during an emergency call. (liberandum: latin for rescue)

Each emergency case is in some ways unique and the emergency control center requires the most important information to judge the situation and to act fast and precisely.

Notitia enhanced by the expert knowledge of medicals, rescue professionals and fire fighters can offer a significant support through its embedded articicial intelligence during an emergency call.